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Project Description
DVR-MS Renamer will read the metadata saved in your DVR-MS files recorded from the TV. It will use this metadata to attempt to lookup the TV show on website and will rename the file using the common naming convention used by Media Browser for Windows Media Center.

Command Line Parameters
There are are a couple of command line parameters that can be used with this utility. These are:
  • /source="<Path>" - The path the to the source folder containing your DVR-MS files.
  • /duplicates="<Path>" - The path to your master set of files to check whether any of the new files already exist in this folder. New files that, once renamed, match a file in the duplicates folder will be marked for deletion.
  • /action=AutoSummary - This option requires the /source parameter and will automatically do all processing through to the summary (the summary is prior to any changes being made to your files).


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